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About PresPort

 Presport is the Prescott family hub – geographically located the capital district of New York State. The Prescott family has a total of 20 years (and counting) in upper-level education, leading to expertise in a plethora of areas; they include: information technology, program management consulting services, creative writing, secondary education in English language arts, medicine and nursing, and computer science and mathematics.

 The name PresPort was created by combining core family values with technology. The surname Prescott, an English name that translates to "priest's cottage", forms the basis for family and a focus on a tradition of excellence. Port is a technical term: a pathway into and out of the computer, or some network device. A port is also a safe harbor and an opening, a door or pathway to an exchange of information. Whether you select PresPort for creative writing endeavors, technology project management or financial consulting, or health services, you may be assured that we will safely guide you.

Our mission

 PresPort's mission is to better businesses, public and private, in the capital region of New York State through shared learnings and technical accessibility, while following our personal values.

Our values

 PresPort's values are grounded in our genuine desire to help others reach their fullest potential in their personal and/or professional lives in a moral, ethical, and professional manner.

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Who are we?
Drew A. Prescott Sr. is a certified project management professional PMP PMP Credential Logo, CSM in information technology, systems development, and a skilled computer services consultant with over two decades of industry experience. He attended Clarkson University and earned his Bachelor of Science from Excelsior College while on active duty in the U.S. Navy.

Karen W. Prescott, a certified NYS secondary school English teacher and technologist, is a highly creative and dedicated professional with over thirty years of combined technical sales, writing and teaching experience in corporate and educational settings. She is a graduate of SUNY Potsdam, RPI and SUNY Albany.

Barbara J. Prescott, a registered nurse, is currently attending Duke Graduate School with the goal of becoming a registered nurse practitioner. She graduated magna cum laude at the University at Buffalo, SUNY.

Luke R. Prescott is a Junior at the University at Albany, SUNY, with an intended Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. He is expected to graduate in the spring of 2019.